UPDATE: Our community outreach and health carnival was featured in The Star!
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One of our valuess states that we seek to be "Community-Evaluated". What it means is that the relevance and impact of AYA is ultimately based on what the community at large has to say about us and not what we say about ourselves. We believe that, as an agent of God's love and blessing, we exist to add value to the community in and around us.

The 5 main causes that AYA are guided by are as follows:
To ensure that the marginalized society have the basic essentials for a normal life i.e. finances, food, clothing and shelter.
To promote entrepreneurship and employment throughout all facets of society, especially those lacking formal education and opportunities.
To assist the emerging generation with scholarships, grants and loans and also through the setting up of community tuition and resource centres.
To advise on fundamental rights and liberties
To provide affordable healthcare to the underprivileged.
Here at AYA, we firmly belief in the spirit of volunteerism in serving the community. It can never be bought, only offered - and always only with excellence!

We are also keen in establishing partnerships from within, and without the four walls of our organisation, in the hope of better serving the needs of the community around us.

Through our community outreach, we exist for the primary purpose of “inviting, inspiring, instructing and involving young people to dare to dream and be responsible in fulfilling those dreams for the good of all”.

Photos from the top:
1. Community support and activities in Kg Muhibbah
2. Homework centre in USJ Subang Jaya
3. AYA raised money for the flood victims in Johor as appeared in The New Sunday Times (2007)
4. Food distribution in partnership with Malaysian Care in Kg Muhibbah


Klinik Kecheerian seeks to empower and encourage professionals in the field of medicine, allied healthcare as well as those functioning in a related capacity to serve God, the local church and the community in the area of healthcare whether it be in the form of health promotion, health screening, health education and/or even providing healthcare services. We seek to mobilize resources made available to us (whether it be in terms of money or manpower) towards the goal of meeting the healthcare needs of various groups of people whilst also promoting a greater awareness regarding health related issues and inculcating a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some of the programs and projects that we hope to undertake in the near future:

Conducting healthcare awareness programs in the form of talks, seminars as well as dialogues to deal with relevant and significant issues pertaining to health and illnesses.
Conducting short courses as well as training workshops with the goal of equipping people with the necessary skills or skill sets for administering first aid and other relevant services (We just concluded our first inaugural Basic First Aid and CPR course in August 2011).
Mobilizing and sending out various medical teams for the purposes of providing mobile medical care, mobile health screening as well as in response to crisis and disaster relief.
Engaging ourselves with other established medical aid, disaster relief and healthcare organizations to provide aid and assistance as well as gain experience and expertise in response to various crises and causes.
* Clinic’s name is still awaiting government approval.

Photos above:
Renovations in the ground floor of AYA’s office that will be converted into our first community clinic.


TEL: + (603) 56378737 FAX: + (603) 56374737