Revolution is movement of generosity and a force for good that began in 2008. It started with students, changing their nation one school at a time and is now a movement that is also driven by campus students and young working adults who seek to be the agents of change for the good of wherever they are at.

The Revolution movement began in Selangor and as AYA powered the movement by conferences and tours to inpire more young people, the movement is now led by Malaysians across the 14 states from various schools, campuses and walks of life.

Under Revolution, here are some of the efforts initiated by the students:
1. Giving a fresh coat of paint to the school gates
2. Cleaning windows, lab tables and toilets in schools (Revo-Loo-Tion)
3. Planting new gardens in their school and initiated Revo Garden
4. Working alongside a local council to renovate and revamp a public park (Revo Garden @ Millennium Park)



As an extension of our efforts to put love for our schools into action and in conjunction with World Environment Day (June 5, 2010), we embarked on an exciting project called Revo Garden.

Students who are a part of Recess Revolution (secondary school students involved in Revolution) in various schools took on the responsibility and had the privilege to contribute in a small but significant way to the overall health, beauty, and environment of their beloved school.

The Revo Garden project is one such initiative. When it was first launched, we had 11 schools participating. Today, we have a total of 248 schools involved in this nation changing project!


One of our recent efforts is the restoration of the Millennium Park in Subang Jaya in conjunction with Merdeka day. In the spirit of volunteerism and love for the nation, school-going and campus students took part in this landscape changing event with the help of the MPSJ.


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Photos left:
1. Students from SMK Subang Utama replanting trees and plants for their school
2. Students from SMK USJ 13 adding garden tiles to the landscape
3. Recess Revolution and Revo Garden mentioned in New Sunday Times (2010).


Revo-Loo-Tion is a Recess Revolution project to renovate/refurbish/fix/beautify (i.e. "revolutionize") school students/teachers toilets. This project will be done simultaneously nationwide with 32 schools currently signed up to be a part of it.

This is a student-initiated and student-led volunteer project that was birthed out of the students' desire to bless, be a positive influence and bring a positive impact in and to their schools through acts of love, kindness, and generosity.

As an extension of the students' efforts to "revolutionize" their schools through love, Revo-Loo-Tion is an effort to do something physical, monumental, and memorable - a symbol of transformation, by making a physical space (i.e. toilet) more beautiful than it was before.

Students (some even with the help of volunteer consultants) will assess the need(s) before deciding on the magnitude of the project, which can go anywhere from a simple repainting of the walls or replacing broken mirrors/lights to completely refurbishing the toilet.

Photos right:
1. Revo-Loo-Tion appeared in the Borneo Post (Miri)
2 & 3. Students cleaning the toilets

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